Welcome to my awesome website!

Hello, my name's Madison/Madi! I'm a 19 year old sysadmin,
studying Computer Science at Sacramento State University.

I love music, particularly hard rock and sludge metal;
so much so that I have derived my domain name from the Acid Bath song Dead Girl

In my free time I enjoy
Playing Smash Bros
Escaping to nature via photography
Visiting all of the capybaras!! >:)

For software development, I use exclusively C and Rust. For web development, I utilize PHP and JavaScript.
I'm also currently working with BuzlyEDU as an intern systems administrator.

If you would like to reach out to me professionally, please shoot me an email, and I can send a copy of my résumé.

Personal Projects:

Contact Me!

Discord: deadgirll
Personal Email: <madi@mxdi.xyz>

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