Thing in a Jar by Dax Riggs

Welcome to my awesome website!

Hello, my name's Madison/Madi! I'm a 19 year old systems engineer,
studying Computer Science at Sacramento State University.

I love music, particularly hard rock and sludge metal;
so much so that I have derived my domain name from the Acid Bath song Dead Girl

In my free time I enjoy
Playing Smash Bros
Escaping to nature via photography
Visiting all of the capybaras!! >:)

I love systems programming, and have an interest in eventually getting into embedded software.
I generally try to stay away from web development, but I particularly despise doing frontend;
which I attempt to mask with my affinity for the 90's web.

I'm currently working with Buzly as a part-time systems engineer, but
my overall career goal is to achieve a full-time role as a systems administrator.

I am also a webmaster for the ACM, and the treasurer for the Cyber Security Club at Sac State.

Personal Projects:

Contact Me!

Discord: deadgirll
Personal Email: <>

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